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哈萨克斯坦认证-哈萨克斯坦GOST-K认证,GOST-K Certificate of Conformity of the Republic of Kazakhstan
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Validity of a GOST-K Certificate of the Republic of Kazakhstan
A Certificate of Conformity of the Republic of Kazakhstan (coll. GOST K) is a document that verifies conformity of products to the requirements established by Laws of the RK on technical regulation.
With respect to imported products, it is either mandatory for importing, selling and using the products in Kazakhstan, if these products are included in the List for mandatory certification and not subject to mandatory conformity assessment in the Customs Union; or voluntary for the Applicant's other purposes.

A Certificate of Conformity of the Republic of Kazakhstan is sufficient for the import, customs clearance and sale of the products specified in the certificate, unless these products are included in the Single List of Products Subject to Mandatory Conformity Assessment (Confirmation) in the Customs Union and the Issue of Single Documents, or unless National Laws on industrial and fire safety apply to them.

What to keep in mind when obtaining a certificate

A Certificate of Conformity is issued either for a batch of products or for mass-produced products.

An Applicant for production certification may be a legal entity (or private entrepreneur) that is the manufacturer, including a foreign manufacturer, or seller (supplier).

A certificate of the RK may be valid for no more than 3 years.

How to make copies of a Certificate of Conformity of the RK

If required, copies of issued certificates of conformity are made on standard forms authenticated with the signature of the chief executive office or the person authorized by him/her and the stamp of the certification body.

Do products for personal use need a certificate

A certificate of conformity is not required for single products imported by individuals for their own needs (personal use).

Where and how to get a letter stating that a product does not require conformation of conformity

A letter stating that a product is not subject to certification for conformity to the requirements of TR CU and the SSTR RK is issued by the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry for Investments and Development of Republic of Kazakhstan. This so-called "exemption letter" is given in reply to the official request of a seller/supplier/manufacturer. In Almaty, this reply may be obtained from the Almaty Department of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry for Investments and Development.

Do I need to provide samples to obtain a certificate and how many

Depending on the chosen certification scheme, collection of samples may be required for conducting tests as a mandatory stage in assessing conformity of the products to product safety requirements.

Exceptions are certification schemes based on analysis of submitted documents.

The number of samples for tests is determined by the certification body in each case based on data on the size of a batch and the chosen certification scheme.

Is a Certificate of the RK valid for exporting products abroad

Certificate of Conformity of the RK is valid only in Kazakhstan. A certificate of origin of the goods and the documents specified by current laws of the country of destination are required to export products abroad.

What package of documents must be provided to obtain a certificate

accompanying documents (tax invoice, supply contract, cargo customs declaration);

operating documents for equipment (operating manual, specifications, safety case);

the manufacturer's test reports (if any, on request), ISO certificates;

the Applicant's certificates of title.

Which additional documents do I need to sell/install products in Kazakhstan

In addition to a conformity assessment (confirmation) document, a permit for use from the Committee for Emergency Situations and/or the Committee for State Control of Emergency Situations and Industrial Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, notification and other product registration may be required in order to sell/install products in Kazakhstan.

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